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Every week we get new toys, trinkets, baubles, statues and blind box figures in.   Stop in often to see what's cool and new in our pop-culture world.


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Just buy one figure and have the chance to pick from two offerings.

Blind box toys & figures can be the coolest toys of all time.  Unless you get the Scarlet Witch and wanted Spider-Man, or get a Game of Thrones Dragon when you wanted Little Finger!  Well we've devised a way to help you get something better after you open something you HATE: It's the Jetpack Comics Blind Figure Swap!  At the counter and on display we've got a selection of open blind box figures looking for a home, just waiting for you to pull some figure you HATE!  Purchase any one of our Blind Box figures and if you don't like it you can swap it for one of the open ones from the same series we have behind the counter or on display!  Choose from Doctor Who, Marvel, DC, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and more!  



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Yes, the video game series that your kid loves has taken over Jetpack! We’ve got Minecraft action figures, books, plush toys, and MORE! No, we don’t know why your kid loves it so much, but at least we’ve got enough Minecraft stuff that they’ll (hopefully) stop bugging you about it!

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POP Figures

Jetpack has the largest collection of POP figures around! Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory,  Sons of Anarchy,The Walking Dead, DC and Marvel heroes, Ghostbusters, and MORE! There’s too many to list, so come in today to see our growing collection of these incredibly popular figures!

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Game of Thrones

Winter has come to Jetpack Comics, and we couldn’t be more excited! Grab a Jon Snow figure to hold off the White Walkers, or grab a Hand of the King pin to show your allegiance to the Iron Throne! If it’s got Game of Thrones written on it, Jetpack’s got it!

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Walking Dead

Of course Jetpack has toys from AMC’s hit zombie show, as well as toys based on Robert Kirkman’s original comic series. Want your own Daryl Dixon to patrol your desk for walkers? We got that! How about a Rick Grimes bank to guard your change from other survivors? Got that too! Jetpack has a ton of items featuring your favorite walker slayers, so what are you waiting for? Shamble in today!