We Want You

We want you to join


We're looking for staff, business partners, associates & idea people! That is people not like us ;>)


It's no secret that we at Jetpack can be overbearing unruly jerks.  It's no secret that we're obnoxious.  Help us change that.  If you're a good person you could help us become an all new, all better, much nicer Jetpack.

What's your special skill?  Jetpack Comics just might be looking for you

Going into the summer we've got a lot of plans, a lot of ideas and some big shoes to fill!

What's all this mean?  In 10 years we've only had to hire 4 people and in that time only a couple of guys have actually left us.  Now we want to do things bigger & better and that could mean adding you to our merry band of despicables.

Below you'll find some of the areas we are interested in getting people to work with us on.  If any of those appeal to you, you can jump to the HOW DO I GET YOU MY DIGITS section, or you can propose to us, what you'd like to do at Jetpack.



There's a whole bunch of things we are looking at but once we hit our people quota we'll have to suspend it all while we get the people we got into their positions.


    If you play Magic then you know there is no better game in the world.  If you play it competitively then you understand the nuances and strategies that make this game so great.  We're looking for people to help us schedule & run new and exciting Magic Events.  Friday Night Magic is just the start of Magic.  Our new and expanded club house has more space than ever.  You tell us what you want to do and when.

    Gundam Models are selling like crazy for us.  If you enjoy building Gundams and have decent social skills, you might be the person we need.  Imagine a group meeting to work on building Gundams and to share ideas with.  If we get this going we'll provide display cases where you all can show off your work  Help us build this club to build Gundams (okay - maybe we'll let other models in as well).

    Sure, we've got a couple of D&D nights and a Numenara event, but we've got room for so much more.  More D&D!  New RPGS.  If you'd like to run a campaign, let us know.  We'd love to have you.

    It's a whole new Jetpack operation!  In the coming months we're hoping to launch a new aspect of Jetpack!  A collectibles store owned and operated by you!  That's right.  You've got stuff to sell.  Why not control what you sell it for and when.  This is big venture and it's going to take a few pretty savvy people to get it rolling.  We'll start out looking for partners and eventually graduate to needing vendors.  If this sounds like it's up your alley then let us know.


Of course these are just the start.  Feel free to drop us an email with your ideas on what we can do to bring more fun to Jetpack.

Check back as we'll be adding other ideas here as we come up with them.